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Issue CMS slider more images

Hi there,

I am reaching out as I am facing an issue with the slider on my Product Template page. The slider is not able to display properly the products images from my CMS horizontally. Everything was fine until I add a third picture in the CMS filed “more images”. For now, I limted the pictures to one in order to no mess up my online users experience.
Could someone help me out, please?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Drover Club

Is someone can provide me with a solution,please? We are launching our New campaign tomorrow and we need this issue resolve. Many thanks

@Drover Are you using webflow slider?

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Hi Moheen, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I am using webflow slider. I would like to show 3 products pictures. The slide 2 and slide 3 are displaying 2 images each from the “more images” field. I would like to show only one image per slides. Do you know how to resolve this problem ?

@Drover you can use slick slider for this. webflow slider will generate issues.

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Thanks for your time given Mohen, I decided to move to another alternative.

slick slider is easy this is demo