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Isotope + Webflow CMS - allow filtering of items with multiple categories


I have been using Isotope for filtering a collection list of resources. It is functioning properly, except for one thing: for resources (collection items) that have multiple categories, how can I get Isotope to pull them in to multiple filtering options? For example:

Resource 1 falls under Categories A & B
I want Resource 1 to show up when filtering by Category A and Category B, not just one of them.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Have you reviewed the documentation?

Thanks for the response @jhiggins

Yes I have. My problem is a little more complex. For example, I need a square to be both red and blue and filterable by both, if that makes sense. None of my categories are mutually exclusive, they are all mutually inclusive.

Mixitup-multifilter might be more useful for your project, try out the demo here

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