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Isotope filter of CMS list with HASH URL

Hello everyone!

I’ve successfully implemented Isotope filtering on a dynamic list (big thanks to the community and @Jeandcc for getting me there) and now I’m looking into adding the extra bit of functionality of filtering with HASH URL (here is the official code pen for the functionality I’m talking about and the debug version to see filter in URL hash).

Given my limited understanding of JS I’m hitting a wall with this so I was hoping someone might like to take on the challenge and help me out :slight_smile: Would be super grateful!

Read only link
Published page, password: “Sustain4b1l1ty!”. Note: not all filter categories have items associated with it, still working on the content :sweat_smile:

Hi @Chiaradesignsthings,

It seems your custom code is at root level and not at page level so we can’t see your code’s structure from your read-only link unfortunately. If you put your custom code at page level (of your home page) it would help us to have a look at.

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Hey @anthonysalamin thanks for taking time to review my post!

You should be able to see the custom code by clicking the cog to access the page settings and then scroll down to the custom code section “Before tag”, shown here:

Does that work? If not I’ll look into what you were suggesting :slight_smile:

You can see the code from the live website.

I don’t really have the time now to make a very datailed explanation but if you guys want to see it working, here’s theread-only andhere’s the live link with a filter already applied

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@Jeandcc thanks heaps!!! Once again you’ve saved the day :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Glad to know. Happy designs :webflow_heart: