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Is Webflow suitable for a multilingual photography site&blog with the following characteristics and can it be converted from Wordpress?

Hello, I am a wedding and portrait photographer from Bulgaria. I need to convert my Wordpress site into Webflow and I need to make it on my own. I have made simple changes in the code of my previous Zenphoto site, so I think I will be able to do it. Hope you can help me.

I need a site with the following characteristics:

  1. Multilingual site translated into at least 2-3 languages - English and Bulgarian;
  2. A responsive gallery with the ability to upload quickly hundreds of images at once and options for like/share buttons on every image. Each image should have it’s own URL, unlike those in Wordpress where you see only the URL of the gallery. I need one main gallery with sample images and when you click an image another gallery should open.
  3. A blog with options for users to interact with the website - comment, share, register for updates. Plus I need to move my current posts into Webflow with the same URL so I don’t lose the current links to the website.
  4. Option for users to sign in the website in order to view there own private gallery and hidden content, which can be viewed only after log in.
    6.Option to sell images or sessions online.
  5. SEO friendly. It will be best if the site takes the keywords, title and info from the images automatically just like in Zenphoto.
    8.It would be nice if there is a forum.

I think that these are the most important things for me at the moment. It will be best if I can use a theme, so please let me know if there is any suitable for me.
Here is my current site: http://krasichocheva. com, only available in Bulgarian, sorry… I need to create a new design with a better landing page.
I hope you understand me, my English is not very good.

Hi @Krassie,
Short answer: NO.

Long answer:
Not yet. Maybe in the future. Things that most certainly won’t work now are:

  1. multi-upload files
  2. user registrations
  3. client only content
  4. native ecommerce
    The other things you mention are possible.

Some of the four points above are being worked on, as promised somewhere in these forums. But, as always, there’s no estimation when that’s implemented.

My question would be: why would you want to switch from the Wordpress platform? Can’t you make a design in Webflow and have someone convert it to a Wordpress template?

PS @webflow, @thesergie, @brryant, here’s a good example of random new user needs. Plus, in my very humble opinion, it indicates that’s not really clear to people what is, and what isn’t possible with WF in general.

Hello, @Diu ! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your fast response! :slight_smile:

I don’t like Wordpress because there are too many issues. I have bought one theme and the developers could not fix the issues themselves and they stopped answering my questions. I don’t like that the site should be updated every day and you rely on third party plugins which can break at any time. There are no folders for the images and it is very hard to find an image once it is uploaded. Also my problems are connected with SEO - text in the galleries and URLs of the images are not visible. I have to fill manually all the information for the images and this takes a lot of time. I don’t even know how to make a good SEO. And one more thing - speed. Me site is very, very slow.

I think that if I make a design in Webflow I will still have the same issues as before plus that I have to pay to export Webflow, right?

Hi @Krassie,

The updating you mention about Wordpress is one of the reasons many people abandon that platform nowadays. As far as my experience goes, image folders are possible. By default it ends up in date organized folders, which is changeable to all files in one folder. But probably you are looking for something else? :slight_smile:

In regards to your question: If I were you, I’d stick to Wordpress, install some decent plugins that allow for the things you want. And find somebody that will manage your hosting/updates/security. Good luck!

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