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Is Webflow going to support Actions for Symbols in the future?

Good day Webflow community,

Quick question, when trying to create an animation for my symbol (in my case, the navbar) when I want to add an action, it states that Actions for Symbols cannot be added at this time. Will Webflow add this functionality in the future? And if so, does anyone have an idea when?

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FYI: Webflow rarely discloses future release dates of features. The wishlist is helpful but not always current. I suggest planning around what is available today.

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Thanks for the clarification!

FYI - I believe I found a way around this for now…

Prior to “creating” a symbol (or if you unlink an existing symbol), you can create an action involving one of the child elements of the symbol. Make sure you select effect “class” in the action editor. Then, you can either convert the desired elements back into a symbol, or simply delete the unlinked symbol and re-add your symbol. Now, the trigger runs on the class of element in the symbol without having to actually select the symbol.

Make sense?

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Yes, this makes sense.