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Is Tumblr-Like Scrolling possible on webflow


I´ve been trying to work out a way to make my home page scrolling in a continuous way (like tumblr but I can´t.

I tried what other users suggest here How to create Full Page scrolling sections on single mouse scroll but it won´t work.

Can anyone help?


Here is my public share link:

I don’t think this would be possible in webflow without code since you would need seemingly endless content to populate. You can do almost anything with custom code but then you are essentially coding your site from scratch. @bart might know of a way but it won’t be easy.

The thing is this guy did it in webflow

I just can´t understand how

That is not infinite scrolling. That is simply a javascript tweak to advance a full height section completely upon scroll. there are only 5 sections in that page.

Ok I got it. got the term wrong sorry for that.

What I need is to get the javascript working like in that example. Is it possible?

I did some searching on the forums and came across this thread. How to create Full Page scrolling sections on single mouse scroll


I already been there, and did as they say but it doesn´t work

I would suggest replying to that topic then and tagging the users who created the tutorial by saying @ and beginning to type their username.

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