Is this Webflow eCommerce use case achievable?

Hi team,

I have a Webflow use case i’m curious about: would it be possible to create an eCommerce site where customers have their own login + dashboard where they can see their spending history. Can this be taken a step further to also show were the money goes.

For example, let’s say 1% goes to a charity, would it be possible to keep track of the 1% value of each transaction and show the collated value for each user? So if Jimmy’s first purchase is $100 and his second purchase is $200, would it be possible to show on Jimmy’s dashboard that he has raised $3 for the charity?

From my research it seems that between Webflow and Member Stack a lot of the eCommerce + login functionality can be achieved - I just can’t seem to find out if it’s possible to track transaction history, snip off a % of the transaction amount and collate % values in real time.

Any answers would be great! Thanks