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Is this possible with CMS in webflow?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create something similar to this in webflow?

So you’ll notice they have their blog set up around agile. And they have sections you can go into (scrum, kanban, etc).

And each one will take you into another section and so further. The part I’m trying to get is how can we get ours to do something similar. Especially around the url… Example:

Hoping this is possible!

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Hello Alex,

I’m not sure if this will help, and it depends on how our CMS is set up but maybe you can create folders in the sitemap, and then insert the different CMS collections in there. For example you create the folder ‘How-to-become-electrician’ then you create a page that has the CMS Collection State and cross-reference it with the instructions for each state. Or you can duplicate pages per state and using the CMS filter option only show that specific state. I couldn’t access your link to try it, but hope that helps!

Hmm would it be able to add other items within that cms though?

The biggest thing is to be able to make sure the url shows that as well: for example

Well it depends on how you set it up, but you could have all the items that are “subject” be CMS items just like if they were products for example.
You have Products/category/prodcut1 and Products/category/prodcut2
Set it up like it would be a store for example, look at an e-commerce example or a blog example where you’ll have Blog/BlogCategory/BlogArticle.
You’ll create one CMS item for categories
Another CMS item will be blogs, cross-referenced to Categories.
Then you’ll end up with that structure.