Is This possible? Trigger an SMS based on CMS Categories

I am building a directory that will also have a job board. When a job is posted, for example, someone is looking for a facebook expert, the facebook professionals in the directory get an SMS alert that a job has been posted that they may be interested in. Is this possible with code or an external service? I am currently using airtable to connect the categories from directory to job posts.
Thank you for your time!

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There are Twilio integrations with Integromat so I would start there or take a look at what integrations Zapier has. See Twilio Integrations | Integromat

Hi Jeff, Thanks. I checked Zapier but, from what I can see, the only triggers webflow allows are with forms. Is this correct?

I suggest that you review triggers for Webflow in the Zapier documentation. I do provide consulting services and am available for engagements if needed.