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Is this possible on webflow? layout question

Hi Everyone,

I was recently contacted by a client to redesign/evolve his old webpage. Here is the link to the old website:

He had two requests:
-First one is to keep the horizontal layout, and I would prefer to keep the arrows feature as well. I’m also planning on adding a horizontal navigation bar to improve navigation and accessibility.
-The second one (and my main purpose of using Webflow) is that he wants to be able to change the uploaded work as he placed. The current webpage is written in code, and the client is not able to update the content as he pleased without contacting a designer.

Because of this last point, my first thought was the CMS feature Webflow has. Now my question is: Is it possible to do this layout on Webflow? If so, any insights on how? My main doubt is about the horizontal layout as cover rectangles one next to the other working with an interactive nav bar on sticky. I try looking for someone who made a similar question but couldn’t find it, but maybe I’m not using the right words (English is not my native language). If anyone can refer me to an existing post that already solved my question, I would appreciate it too. Thank you.

@teoias - welcome to the Weblfow community.

Yes, you should be able to accomplish all of what you are asking relatively easily within Webflow. My initial thought for the horizontal scrolling is to just use a Webflow slider at 100% width and height and then populate the slides with CMS elements that the client can populate - there will have to most likely be some pre-defined structure for this in terms of layout and number of elements per slide, but you might be able to escape that using CSS grid.

There are probably other ways to accomplish it, look at a few of these articles/videos for ideas:

Hi Sam,

Thank you for the quick response. I will give it a try and let you know.