Is this possible in Webflow CMS

Hi all!

Would anyone know how to make this page into a CMS? (not eCommerce)

My main interest is when you select the ‘size’ option from the dropdown it automatically displays the ‘price’ they have determined.

I would love if I could make this into a CMS that the customer could input sizes and prices on each individual cms item, and when a user selected the size they wanted it would display the correlating price?


Welcome to the Webflow Community @JonathanW :wave:

Yes, Webflow allows for product variants and individual pricing for those variants. Then you can display these options through an Options List. You can read more about this here: Create product variants | Webflow University

Let me know if you have any further questions.

@JonathanW - Since you are talking about using the CMS and not e-commerce I suggest you just show the prices and sizes in the layout. There is no point in making the user click unless you are trying to capture a selection for another reason. Handling the display of a price based on a select dropdown could be accomplished with custom code. I have built lots of quote systems for clients but rarely use Webflow for that.