Is this possible? - complex data lookup

I am completely new to Webflow and have a project i’d like to start but im not sure if its possible to create using a no-code tool like webflow.

At the most basic level - I have a list of suppliers that upload their own prices for specific services on the website. They base these prices on certain conditions, one being location (suburb) of service, size of equipment, length of hire etc…

An end user will come to the website and enter details for a job they’d like - these details would include suburb, date of hire etc… and based of this info the form is submitted, the site searches all suppliers that match these conditions and return the lowest price. If the user is happy they fill in their details and pay.

Is this possible?

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Hi there :wave:

Now with Webflow alone. If you run this through Zapier/Make you may be able to do this but there is nothing (that I know of) out of the box, plug and play. You’d have to figure out how to wire all of that together yourself.