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Is this kind of animation doable in Webflow?

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can help me please. Is this footer animation possible to build in Webflow? Maybe it’s some javascript?



Hello @Niall_Mc_Dermott

The simple answer es yes, it can be done. I know because I made it for a client a few months ago, I need to ask him if I can share the read only link here but if not I can make a clonable project for you in a few moments.


Great stuff. That would be much appreciated.

Please share if you can, thanks

Hello guys @Niall_Mc_Dermott @RoseWebStudio

Is this what you’re looking for?

I made this just for the sake of making the point that it could work but can be polished with better graphics, transition times, etc.

  • Yes I like it, make it clonable!
  • No, this is not what I’m looking for :disappointed:

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Please let me clone, got a project I could use on :slight_smile: thanks in advance

Here you go @RoseWebStudio



Thanks you are a super star :star:

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:frowning: doesn’t clone

comes up black and grey and interactions loop1 is empty? Thanks

I’ve updated the project, can you check again please?

Great thank you. Will check later and let you know.

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Hmm, no still doesn’t work? sorry :frowning: I really wanted this too…if you can please help.

That’s odd, do you have something already in place? Maybe you can share your read only link and I can help you build it there