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Is this ecommerce possible to do in webflow?

Huy guys, im starting with fullstack, and i find webflow a really powerfull tool.

I wonder if its possible to do something like this :

Just ecommerce of video stock.


  • autoplay video thumnail when hover on…
  • able to filter videos by diferrent criterias.
  • all thumbnail videos and original ones, will be hosted on Aws.


Hey Harvey — welcome to the Webflow Forums!

To answer your question: the core part of your website — the sale of digital goods — is (unfortunately) not supported by Webflow E-commerce natively just yet. The good news is that it’s on the roadmap for the WF team and you can voice your support for the sale of digital goods here via the Webflow Wishlist.

In the meantime, using @foxy ( would be your best bet if you wanted to keep things in Webflow. (I’m sure Josh can provide more information if you’d like)

Hopefully that helps!


@mattvaru Thank you for the mention.

@HarveyAndres Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here:


Thanks! @mattvaru and Josh,

Do you think using webflow+foxy , I can achieve a ecommerce site like that? Its very important to me to be capable of posting a lot of videos (10,000+) and the autoplay on hover!.