Is this doable?

Hi everyone, is the below slider doable in Webflow, using collection lists?

I seen this online which is great, but seems to be more for a set number of items, not exactly dynamic, and you have to add multiple collection lists (of the same list), set which item shows where, and which slide each one comes after etc - a ball ache if there’s lots of items in the collection list or new ones getting added frequently.

Anyone done this?

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Very doable. Just add collection lists to the slider element that’s built in to Webflow. Yes, you need to add one per slide, but you can filter them and make them seamless by setting “start at number X” for each. They are dynamic and will auto-update when you post new items.

That’s pretty much what is explained in example link above. So every time you add a new item you would have to create a new slide within the slider component and add the collection list within that each time etc.

This might work ok for a set number of items, ie the team member example above, but I don’t really want to be going into the designer each time to add more elements to make it work.

It’s not going to scroll forever, but if you add like ten collection lists with 6 items in each then it’ll be the newest 60 blog posts or whatever in the slider? Just add a “go here for more” button at the end and send people in to a huge 1000 blog post list?