Is this an impossible design? Wrapping tile responsive layout

Hi Community,

This is my first real deep dive into Webflow with a potential client… but I’m a little concerned that I won’t be able to pull off what they are asking for. My primary question is, "am I in over my head."

Background: I have built several sites with Webflow, have done all of the video university and have worked with developers as a UX/UI designer for about 10 years (ie. I’m very “familiar” with code).

Can this tile design be accomplished:

  • full width (at some point this may look ugly, yes)
  • wrapping responsive tiles
  • tiles wrap as width shrinks “without blank spots” (ie. allways fall into place… “some” shrinking)
  • top right tile always in place

I’m sure the answer is, yes (with some clarification)… but I’m wondering if it’s something a noob can handle if pointed in the right direction.

Thanks all. I love Webflow.


Hi @MikeRowe

I think Flexbox will work for this type of layout:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Pixel Geek. The flexbot training page is pretty great too.

I’ll update on progress if I land the gig.

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