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Is this a sustainable way to keep using the CMS?

So, I run a travel blog through my site and the Blog post template is gettign increasingly complex.

For example, on one post there is a Contents box that appears. However, this contents box is currently not suitable for any other post, so I simply have it set to appear under conditional visibility only for that one post:

Then, for other posts I have a newsletter sign up form that only appears under conditional visibility for Diabetes-related posts, e.g:

Also, there’s a html embed that only appears on certain posts for promoting a tour provider, e.g.

… You get the point!

But my question is, is this a sustainable tactic to keep following?
At the moment it works fine, but I’m concerned that it could lead to problems further down the line?
Also, would it have any effect on page load time?

I will need to start adding in even more items, like content upgrade boxes that only appear on certain pages and comparison charts that will likely only be on a few pages.

I would just like to pre-empt any problems now and adjust my strategy if this is not a good idea.

I would appreciate any help or experience on the matter!

oh and here’s my read only:

To me the way you’re doing it now is acceptable. Especially since the content being revealed conditionally is structurally different.

How about creating a Promotions collection that you reference in your Blog Posts collection?
That way when you write a new blog, simply choose which Promotion goes with it. The thing is that the content of each promotion would need to be consistent. Such as title, rich text, photo, and link. This would also allow for easy updating of promos using the Editor instead of editing the template in the Designer.

In my opinion, unless you can think of a way to unify the content of the items being shown, using conditions is probably the best way to continue.


Hey @matthewpmunger OK thank you for your feedback!

The idea of referencing another collection is interesting! Though I wonder if that will just make things even more confusing.

As it stands I will continue with the approach I have taken, but will certainly look to bring in the Promotions collection idea quite soon. Especially for content upgrades

I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @williamsbrad1994

Here’s an example of a project I did recently.

The large image tiles throughout the site are all what we called “promos”. Based on the category assigned to the promo it will show up on the homepage or other relevant pages. I used this to create the page headers throughout the site. So this became a way for the client to easily and dynamically change the design of the site. For instance promoting an upcoming event will show up near the top of the homepage and on the calendar page.

Now the reference part for this site comes for the photos. I create a photos library collection that is referenced by promos collection. This way photos can easily be reused or changed. I even create an admin page that displays all of the photos as a reference cheat sheet.
Photos Collection :arrow_right: Promos Collection

In your case, my suggestion is to build a promos collection that is referenced by your blog collection.
Promo Collection :arrow_right: Blog Collection
This allows you to select the promo you want for each blog. What elements are in each promo depends on the fields you setup for the collection. It could be rich text, photo, video, call to action link, and so on.

You could even go so far in the Blog collection to have multiple single references (don’t use multi-ref) to the promos collection. For instance, promo reference #1 is a promo near the top of the blog, reference #2 is a promo in the middle of the blog, and reference #3 is a promo at the end of the blog. They could be the same promo in all spots or different promos in each. You could also style each reference in the blog template differently. Maybe the top promo is more visual and the last one is more text based.

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration.