Is this a pop up?

Does anyone know how this is build ?

Do I use the pop up function ?

When I press on “shared inbox”… This little pop up shows up!

Thanks in advance !

There are multiple ways how you can do something like this.

On the website you mentioned they used some javascript for that.
But you can also do it natively in Webflow.

You could do something like this in Webflow:

<div class="shared-inbox-wrapper">
  <img src="chechmark-icon.svg">
  <p>Shared inbox</p>
  <div class="popup-wrapper" style="display:none">
    // content of popup

And then you can go to your Webflow Interactions panel and create an interaction with a click-trigger for the class “shared-inbox-wrapper”. In the interaction you change “display:none” to “display:block” for the class .popup-wrapper.
And then create an interaction in the same way to close the popup when you click on the “X” icon.

If you want to make it in a “cleaner” way you could also do it with a little bit of custom code by using the modal HTML-tag.
Here’s a tutorial how the modal-element works: