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Is there now a limit to the number of interactions?

Came across something weird today…

I have built my own custom accordions but only the first five of them work.

They are all duplicates of the first one I built, but the last one (fleas) won’t function. If I try and copy a working accordion, they new copy won’t work either.

Have Webflow introduced a limit to the number of interactions you can have?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi there @RugbyWebDesign!

Fortunately there are no limits to the number of interactions that you can use. You have set up everything greatly, there are just a couple more tweaks that need to be made.

There are some conflicts coming from the interaction set on the body with the faq-hide animation.

Once I removed it, then the animation for the FAQs worked as expected. Another alternative would be to modify that animation to where the initial states are not conflicted with the other initial states for the FAQs interactions.

​Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions; I’m here to help.

My best,

Hi Riley Jones - Thanks for looking into this.

I can not work out what you mean. I don’t see any conflicts and only one initial state. Surely if there was a conflict all the animations would behave in the same way? (The first 5 work great).

I want a box to open when clicked, but close when clicked elsewhere, hence using the body to trigger the close animation. Can you suggest a better way of achieving this?

Hey @RugbyWebDesign!

No problem, happy to further show some steps we can take here. I actually figured out a more simple way to move around this issue.

I made a quick video showcasing some steps that I was able to move through the interaction problems, let me know if this works for you.

I’d be happy to continue assisting here if we need to look further into this.

Thanks Riley - you are a star!

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