Is there any way to view separate pages in Designer mode in separate tabs?

Is there any way to be able to design separate pages of the same site in two separate tabs, or even in tabs of different browsers? Often I have one completed page and a new page, and I want to build the new page based on how I built the completed page. In order to do that I need to be able to open the Navigator in both pages so I can see how I built the old page. But whenever I try to do this, WF says I can only design in one tab:

Request design control
You're designing in another tab.

You’re only allowed to open the Designer in one tab. The other tab gets pushed into Editor mode which does not provide you access to the Navigator. Is there any way to get around this? It’s rather clumsy and slow having to click back and forth between the two pages. I’d like to see them both in the Navigator at the same time. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @robertfdev , unfortunately AFAIK, it is what it is. My workaround was to publish my completed pages to the staging URL and open that in a new tab to replicate the design.

Thanks for your answer. But unless I’m missing something, being able to see the page on the staging URL just allows you to view the page on their server; you can’t actually see the page’s elements in the Navigator. Maybe this is all that can be done. Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

I think it’s limited to one designer open per user per site, bit annoying actually but I suppose it’s to save their servers.

You could overcome it with a team plan and 2 accounts AFAIK, but obviously that’s a pricey solution…

You could duplicate the project and have the same page open on the 2 separate projects - but obvioulsy you wouldn’t see changes on each tab.

Really depends what you’re trying to achieve having 2 designer windows open.

I actually came across this today. I was confused for a minute, but basically you can have 2 open, but can only design in 1. At the top right section of the designer you can request control if in “Editing” mode when in the designer you want control of.

What you can do is open the latest BACKUP
Click on the screw button below the asset panel > Backups > choose the latest backup.
It opens in a new tab with the Read-only version of the designer mode enabled and in this way, you can see all your current design settings and copy them to the current version.

Make sure you close the backup tab without saving it!

You’re Welcome!

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YES! That is exactly what I needed. Works a treat. Cheers.

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