Is there any way to make lightbox captions hover in/hover out?

In a lightbox is there any way to enable the caption area to hover in and hover out? Or to be manually opened and closed per image? I’ve got some long captions and they’re currently overtaking my images, so having the hover or close feature would be handy.


Hello @KPMT

With the native Webflow lightbox element you can’t, but if you create you’re own lightbox yes you can control every part of it.

@aaronocampo - thanks!

So if I decide to create my own lightbox, can it still have the linked functionality of the native Webflow lightbox? I.e. can I click an arrow to move from one image to the next to the next, etc.?

Thank you!

Unfortunately no, if you want to keep using that functionality then you should use the native one.

Ah dang. Thanks for the input, though!

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