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Is there any way to embed code not inside an element wrapper?

Hi All,

I’m looking for a way to add some background code to a page - on the export I don’t want it to be wrapped in the element wrapper i.e.


As you can only put code inside an Embed or an element, is there any way to achieve this and just add my inputted code to the page without the element?

Thanks for your help

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@SoftlySoftly you can add code to the page header, would that work for you? You can do this in the page settings. I don’t use exported code that often so I don’t know what that would look like after export.

That’s not true, the Embed component is one of three main ways to add custom code.
In Project Settings and at page settings level, you can add head and body code.

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Thanks Sarah, and Vincent. Does adding at a Settings level negate the necessity for it to be in an element then, it can just be raw code… and @vincent if I use your advice and add it to the body of the Page Settings, then that should achieve the effect I want I suppose… is there any way to determine if it would publish at the top or the bottom of the body?

Thanks Again both of you

… and testing that, it does remove the need of an element, but is there any way for the code to exist on the page just straight with the other elements NOT inside a wrapper OR the wrapper?

Essentially, still my main question… can I add code to the page that doesn’t then get wrapped either in a div or head/bodt tags?

I tried adding it to the Head of the page as you suggested too Sarah… but then couldn’t see it anywhere in the output HTML??

No. Webflow wraps embeds but that should not really be an issue. What problem does that cause for you?

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Bottom, it’s just before /body

Thanks for the straight answer Jeff - it does seem that NO is the truth of it.

You’re right, in normal terms it’s not something you’d ever want, and therefore I see why WF doesn’t accommodate it… however for me it’s proving critical in my workflow to be able to output working Sections pre-built for Shopify. The way things work there is the page is compiled before the browser from all the required chunks, and certain liquid instructions need including around the html core of a chunk… but if they get wrapped in HTML they just break.

Oh well, more dutiful steps to the workflow for me :frowning:
Thanks everybody

Thanks for this really useful chart too @vincent :smiley:

Sometimes the first bit of HTML we write in a new document is an element that wraps everything else on the page. The term wrapper is common for that. We give it a class, and that class is responsible for encapsulating all visual elements on the page.

Thanks Naheed, but my need was a little different, to have code include outside any wrapper.