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Is there any way to create this?

Hello all!

I’m trying to create something like this in Webflow, would there be any way? I reckon I could create the numbers easily with some padding, border radius and background colouring, and I can drop the text underneath, but how about the line?


We’re working on a referral widget as well. Went with something like this instead, which was really, really quick to whip up with webflow.

Cool! It’s good to see that you’re making one – we’re actually providing a beautifully simple tool for startups to use to quickly integrate reward referral campaigns!

Just out of interest, for the line, did you use a border or something else?

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Yeah, it’s just a top or bottom border (don’t remember which row it’s applied to). Pretty basic.

We’re back and forth between this referral incentives model with more than one incentive and a wait list model similar to mailbox “you’re #xxx in line, refer xx friends to get bumped up in line” kind of thing. Would be interested to see yours when it’s ready!


Thanks! That’s how we were doing it too, I guess we’ll stick with that.

I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

You can make the line as a div, simply. A block of 1 or 2 pixels height. It can also be a complete row element, so that you can color the sections one by one.