Is there any way to create a text loader animation in which the text change its color in the same way as a progress bar did?


I’d like to know if it is possible to do an interaction like the one I attached to the topic.

Thank you very much.

Hi @diegoardila

This is possible using a lottie animation or integrally using Webflow interactions. Neither option would be entirely difficult depending on your knowledge of After Effects and Webflow.


Hi @Andrew_Coderre thank you for your answer! If I want to do it using webflow interactions. Do you Know how to do it? Or May be do you Know where to find information like a tutorial or things like that?

Thanks again!


I did a quick mock-up of it to remind myself how. I didn’t create the slider or anything, just the text loading effect you are looking for. Here is the live link to the page in my sandbox:

And a read only for a backup page to see how it is put together:


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Make sure to pay attention to the size and layout of the different elements, it is the most important part. You can probably copy the container from the read only into your website then style it as necessary.

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Thanks a lot for your help!
I’m still trying to replicate what you did :stuck_out_tongue: