Is there any tutorial on how to make a lightbox in a CMS collection?

I wunder if there is any tutorials on how to make a lightbox in a CMS collection?
I have try to to a do a gallery with the new multi-image field. But when the images have different sizes (some are very high) , it don’t looks good, it is so much gap between a little image to a high images. Her is a link og a trial site.

So therefore I want lightbox instead, but can’t find a new tutorial, I only see one from 2017 (it is a long time ago, - nothing newer??)

This one is pretty new:

I have seen that video. And did as the movie said. But as you see from my link, the images doesn’t look good, as the dimensions is not the same on all images!

Actually I don’t see any cms gallery in your link… :sweat_smile:
Where is it?


If you uploaded different dimensions images, and you didn’t give the image elements width, or height, how do you expect them to be in the same dimensions? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::sweat_smile::joy:

It will be better for you to use them as cover background images for a normal div that you give width and height. This way the images wont get streched or squeezed.

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aha! I didn’t know how to do that. That was the problem :innocent: