Is there any documentation or resources creating integrations?

I was wondering if there are any resources such as documentation or videos that help first-timers develop their plugin/integration that can be shared through multiple sites and/or be put on the integration marketplace?

I’ve been coding for years, was just wondering if there’s something special for Webflow and how to get things listed on the marketplace.

Hey Mike,

You’re probably looking for the newly launched dev portal here;

If you want to zoom out and look at points of integration from 1,000m you can check out my notes here;

Hey Michael

Thanks for the response, I was going through the starter docs and it appears that there’s a broken link in there. The link for the starter app repository doesn’t exist in the “Getting Started” section under Apps after you click “Get Started”.

Here’s the broken link:

I think it should be pointing towards this repo: GitHub - Webflow-Examples/webflow-app-starter: A boilerplate Webflow App server that creates and responds to Webhooks

Starter docs- do you mean my notes on Sygnal, or Webflow’s own documentation?
If it’s mine, let me know which URL you found the broken link at and I’ll sort that out.

If it’s Webflow’s you might contact their support dept to let them know.