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Is there another way for continous link arrangement, than the "columns-property"?

hey folks,

currently investigating some design issue.

I do have a mega menue with a “flexible” amount of links.
There should be a alternative setting, where all links are arranged in a continous list, meaning that it should have the following properties:

  1. continous (no fixed blocks with a fixed amount of links per column
  2. deleting links lets say at the beginning let all links be arranged in a new, floating way
  3. the outer box should have a minimum/max height
  4. order should be vertical, not horizontal !!!

here is a quick scribble of what i want to achieve (but thats not the problem. The Problem occurs, when the container gets a fixed height…then the items do not arrange themselves).

(top: 3-4 columns with continous link arrangement)
(bottom: same, but in ipad view, there are only 2 columns -> to see the arrangement is continous)

i know that i can design a div with the “column” property, but the height of the div element is then defined by the amount of links within the columns, therefore i cant set a minimum height for this element.

any ideas? dont think that there is another possibility than the columns property?


Problem is when giving the parent div (that has the “column text” property) a height, the links do not re-arrange themselves.

See this example:


Hi Daniel,

There’s a decent amount fo problematic aspects with CSS columns. Solutions exist but rarely for… Webkit!

It’s very frustrating, I bump into that very often.

Hey Vincent, thanks for your replay.

So there is no “clean” way of having a mega menu like that with vertical arranged link-items other than to deal with the issues coming with css columns, right?

Not that I know of, nor not that I could find with a 5mn search… I guess you’ve searched too. I don’t know if JS is any help here. But I sure want to know if you find something…

Yeah only breakdown is that defined height of the mega menue itself. Its working when the content defines that height value…but thats not what we wanted to achieve…anyway.
Thank you for your support. Maybe I ll find sth today while doing some research … if so I ll let you know :). Cheers, Daniel

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