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Is there a Webflow Designer API?

Hi all! First of all happy new year! Wish you the best for 2022.

Now to the question:
Is there any Designer API? This is different for the CMS API. What I am looking for is an API to interact with the webflow designer interface.
I know it is possible because the Finsweet Chrome Extension is deeply integrated with webflow, but I can’t seem to find any documentation on integrating with the designer.

I wonder if they are just doing the integration by using reversing webflow’s code itself, or if I am missing anything.

I would like to create an extension which needs to be integrated similarly to Finsweet’s, but I am kind of lost on how to achieve that level of integration.

Any tip will be appreciated,

Hey @yakito

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t have a formal Designer API and don’t currently have any plans to launch an API for our designer in the future. That said, members of the Webflow community have been experimenting with the functions and data structures that are core to our Designer product.

It’s really important to emphasize that, because we don’t have a public API for the Designer, these interfaces are private, subject to change, and may have security risks for customers who decide to use them.

Longer term we do have a team evaluating our platform holistically and looking at the highest value areas where 3rd party developers might be able to extend our core functionalities and add value.

If you have feedback to share on the types of things you might be looking to build if such an API were available, I’d be happy to pass it along to the appropriate members of our team.

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