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Is there a way to streamline/speed up collection item creation

I have a client that wants to display a list of inventory on his site, which is roughly 5000 items. I would like to store this in a collection called Inventory and then display it on a page on his site.

Importing a CSV that size into that Inventory collection takes a considerable amount of time.

Does anyone know of a better/faster way I could get his data into a webflow collection using either API or some 3rd party tools?

There is no faster way than using Webflow’s CMS import. They have direct access to their own backend.

All other solutions are built on top of Webflow’s API, so they have a rate-limit of 60 requests per minute. So, importing 5000 items will take ~83 minutes. :frowning:

@JudoHacker, thank you for taking the time to clear that up for me. Didn’t realize the API had that rate limit.