Is there a way to set one CMS page as password protect instead of all of them?

I’m using a template that has CMS pages set up for case studies and only want to password protect 1 or 2 of them. Is it possible to password protect a single CMS page and not all of them at once? Or is there a workaround? Any help is appreciated thank you!

Hi Cindy,

If you’re wanting those pages to be completely secure, including from Google indexing, I’d use a reverse proxy to apply a password or user login there. However that’s a bit of programming and integration work.

If it’s more of a marketing mechanic, or e.g superficially gating a portfolio page, I’d probably build the login using JS, and then have it auto-hide on public pages by using conditional CSS.

The main things to decide are-

  • How secure does it need to be:
  • One password, or user-specific logins

No matter how you do it though, cms item-specific gating will require a bit of custom code to build.