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Is there a way to roll back all adjustments for only the mobile version?

Hi! Here is a bit of an embarrassing question :slight_smile: I designed a page in default mode. Started to move around stuff in phone mode. All of a sudden i realise that some areas are floating around and messing things up in phone mode. It totally went out of control! I try to adjust it but i can’t just fix it. Some of the elements does not even show up anymore which is located in the default mode!

Is there a way to roll back all adjustments only for the mobile version?

Sorry for the stupid question!

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Go to the mobile view, select each element and remove styling from it by clicking on blue-colored style info. Then go to phone landscape and do the same. Same thing for tablet. That way you will inherit all styles form desktop. Always remember to design desktop version first.

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Hi! Sorry, i am not sure what u mean here :slight_smile: Could u perhaps give a screenshoot on the blue-colored style info? :smile:

I think he means clicking on the blue properties in your Style panel. Click on the blue property and you’ll get this:

Then remove the styles while on Mobile view. Hope this helps!