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Is there a way to rename Div Block?


Hey Daniel,

the default name for element will show until you apply a class name to it, which also associates that styling to the class.

Hope that helps.

hey @knk thanks for the reply.
I don’t think that works for me:

Hey Daniel,

Yeah, I’ve experienced that from time to time (very occasionally, but not enough for me to be too concerned about it).

Can you see if you are able to create a new div and apply a class name to it (to see if the new element will rename)

You may need to save your work and refresh the designer browser window (just troubleshooting)

If it doesn’t, then there’s a ‘funky’ bug happening that might need to be raised with support.

Let us know how you do

I can create a new one and it changes the name yes, but that specific one it doesn’t. refreshing, loging out doesn’t work, it’s stuck. I guess it’s a bug

Just resolved this problem for myself. I was renaming the class and then clicking off, what you need to do is rename and then press “enter”, sorted.