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Is there a way to remove the Text label associated with Checkboxes?

I would like to know if there is a way to remove or hide the text label associated with the checkbox element. Every time I delete the auto populated text that come in with the element, another an empty box appears. If i deleted this box, I delete the checkbox as well. I would like to have just a check box with no label. Is this possible?

I am not sure, but can think of two ways:

  1. Define a class for the label, set this class to none in the side nav, top right

  2. Use custom css when you know the class and insert this into before

Thanks Diu. I’ll give it a shot!

Not really, it’s just the div the text was in. And it gets enlarged and visually distinct because it’s empty, so you can spot it easily. But it doesn’t show up in preview, noticed?

Just give it a class name, call it “empty”, set its size so it doesn’t bother you, and that’s it.

Thanks Vincent! That makes sense…ill give it a try.