Is there a way to remove the custom domain and configure it from scratch again?

Hi webflow community,

Is there a way to completely remove the custom domain and be able to reconfigure it from scratch again?

The issue that I’m facing is that on the hosting page, it says my custom domain is connected and all green but when I actually visit the site it’s a 404 page.

When I tried to remove the custom domain on the webflow hosting page, it simply removed the line item. When I added it back, it showed the “connected” status again. Is there anything else I should be trying / troubleshooting?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I tried removing all the A records and CNAME records in order to completely delete the custom domain from webflow. I then have tried setting it all up from scratch again but still getting to the 404 page. Would really appreciate it if anybody has some advice to share.

Hey @Emilie_Ho , do you have password protection set on your pages? Also, I would recommend setting as the default domain.

I just tried to fall back on the old IPs from the troubleshooting doc and it works now:

The following A records ( &, or & should work too, but we highly recommend you use the ones mentioned above.

I don’t know if this is intended behavior. From the webflow docs, it seems that the updated A records from April is meant to help with site performance. But now using the old records is the only way to get my domain working. If there’s any webflow staff that can comment on this, that’d be great.

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