Is there a way to paste a lot of content into a responsive grid?

Hey all,

We’re using a template to build out a site for one of our clients, and they want their “Product” pages to look similar to their product/data sheets. Their product sheets have a huge list of genes, and they want these on the site somehow. I’m new to webflow, so I’m looking for guidance here. They want these genes actually listed on the site- not an image like shown below.

My original thought was to put all these in an accordion then inside of a responsive grid, but I’d have to input each gene manually, which would take an unreasonable amount of time given that they have over 30 product sheets. Is there a way to paste all of these genes into a grid where they all become their own element inside the grid component? Or is there an easier way to display this data.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

There are a lot of options.

  • Put them in the CMS, build out tables using DIVs and text elements. Easy to style and make responsive, difficult to maintain.
  • Store them in Google Sheets, pull them in via JavaScript
  • Use other solutions like jQuery datatables.

How many items re there total, and how often will they need to update these?
Also how important is mobile display?

And, is sorting and filtering something you will need to help people find things?