Is there a way to manually type in a percentage in the scroll actions area of an interaction?

I’ve got a lot of elements that are being triggered by scrolling, and I was wondering if there’s any way to easily adjust where in the scroll the actions take place other than dragging and dropping the element interaction in the percentage timeline area. (I really hope that made a little sense.)

Basically I’m wondering if there’s a way to manually type in the percentage associated with an element where I’d like things to happen. Because as it stands right now, I’ve got so many elements doing things that I literally cannot drag and drop to different percentages in the scroll timeline.

Here’s a quick screenshot of what things look like currently on my end:


I’m finding that between 0% and 59% I can only move existing elements to the 1% mark. It won’t let me adjust to other percentages between 2% and 58%.

Is there an easy fix for this that I’m just somehow missing and am simply being a bonehead? Or is this a bug?


My read-only link: LINK (This is located on my about page - and the specific section I screenshot was the last About Section interaction.)

yup. right here :slight_smile:


hope this helps

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Thank you thank you! I figured it was me being a bonehead and not a Webflow bug. Haha! :smile: