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Is there a way to make a site unresponsive on desktop?


An odd request, but a client wants the text and images of his site to maintain their exact typography (alignment, text size, etc.) across all desktop windows, so if you resize the window smaller it will just cut off rather than respond.

In my mind I can’t achieve this without breaking how the site handles mobile and tablets?

Any thoughts?

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Hey @Steve_Wright - I’m scratching my head as I read your client’s request haha. Just to be clear, you want your website to use the 992px+ breakpoint if a desktop OS is detected and regardless of the desktop viewport size?

I am curious, and I’m sure your client has a reason, but why does he/she want this?

Tagging @mattvaru as he may be able to help on something like this.


You would just create a wrapper. On desktop set a pixel width at the desired size. Set the wrapper with left and right margins set to auto if you want it to remain centered on the screen (otherwise it will hang to the left). The fixed pixel size will keep anything from scaling up or down. You will get horizontal scroll bars for the content if your browser window is less that your fixed width.

On Mobile tablet set the wrapper to 100% and reset the margins to zero and everything will remain responsive for mobile breakpoints. It will cascade down so that phone is also responsive.

You will will maybe / likely get penalized by Google for an unresponsive page on desktop? This is a very odd and unadvisable request. I would try to explain the benefits of a properly designed responsive page and ask the client to articulate their goal for making it constrained.

Good luck on both fronts - it isn’t always easy and I empathize completely.

Hope it helps - Rob


Their reasoning is they want the typography to be exactly as they designed it and consider it changing to fit a different screen size if people are split windowing etc. to be a degradation of their design :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to convince them they should stick with being responsive :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried the fixed width container but for some reason it is still resizing, I think I’ll spend the energy convincing him to let me make it responsive!