Is there a way to link to a tab and make sure the tab opens

I want to add a dropdown in the navigation. And the dropdown links will link to a tab on another page. I can add a section id and link to it. But I want to link to the specific tab and make sure it opens

Is there a way to do it in Webflow?

I shared the read-only link below



Did you search this forum before posting? I know there are detailed posts on how to do what you are asking. Give it a shot and let us know if you can’t find a solution.

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Thanks Jeff, I found the solution, But the problem is that i called it “Tabs”, but infact it’s an “Accordion item” that’s also wrapped inside a CMS.

(House and buildings is one accordion item that will be in the navbar)

Sorry for the wrong words

Let me re-explain quickly,

That accordion section is on About Page. I want to put the accordion items in the navbar (for example House and Buildings, etc). So once the user clicks on it, it will take him to that accordion section and open the relevant accordion item (i.e House and Buildings)

I can’t find a solution that animates and opens that accordion item

Could you help me out? Or should I create a new question on the forum?