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Is there a way to hide an element from a symbol from a certain page?

I’m trying to remove the header from one of the pages of the website.

Ideally, I would like to remove only one of the elements of the header on this layout.


Try deleting that symbol from that page in the layers tab.

If you would like more precise help, please give us your project’s preview link.

What do you mean by the layers tab?

I’ve tried deleting the element (it’s the text with the “deadline” class) but it disappears from all pages.

This is the link to my website:


ah. now i get what you are trying to do.

How about added an EMBED widget to that page. Then add this code in the EMBED widget:

.deadline {display:none;}

Do I have to embed the widget in the symbol?


Why don’t you just unlink symbol and remove the text you want? :slight_smile: You can do that by selecting a symbol, going to the symbol tab (H on keyboard) and click that broken link button next to the “add symbol” :slight_smile:

But then it’s going to disappear from all pages, isn’t it?

What I’m trying to do is to remove one element of a symbol from one specific page.

Thanks again!

No, it will unlink the ‘symbol’ from this particular object.

  1. Drag symbol on your page
  2. Select symbol on the canvas (make sure it’s highlighted)
  3. Go to Symbols tab (H)
  4. Click on the unlink button (the one next to add new symbol)
  5. tadaaaaam.
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This partially solves the issue.

If I’m right, now the other elements of that symbol that I’ve just unlinked won’t be updated if I edit the symbol in any other page.

Ideally, I would like to hide only one element of the symbol in a certain page, while the rest of the elements would still be updated normally if I update them.

Is this possible?

Hey @Cesc_Vilanova the title for the post is very misleading so i made a correction. The whole point of symbols is that it’s a group of elements that repeat - editing somehting in the symbol will affect all other instances of the symbol. The only way to do what you’re trying to do is use @PixelGeek’s method of…

  • Add an embed element on the page (at the bottom or wherever)
  • Paste this into the embed code:
.class {display:none;}
  • replace class with the class of the element inside your symbol that you want to hide from that page.

Ok @thesergie !

Thanks for the answer, this is what I needed :smile: