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Is there a way to have

I’m trying to setup the equivalent of where I can just enter the domain and subfolder like (where in the old school server world index.html was the default). I feel like this should be an easy setting, but can’t seem to figure out what the slug setting should be for the page nested inside of /2019/.

Am I missing something or is this not possible

Hi Peter! Welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

You can do this by creating a folder in the pages menu:

Thanks. I know how to make folders, but I’m trying to create marketing URL’s where it would be vs

Is that possible?

In old fashion html it would be


Do you mean like this?:

If so, then I set up a folder and named it “waters”, then assigned the slug “bluelagoon” to that page as it sits within the folder. Here is how it looks within Webflow:


Sorry if I misunderstood and that wasn’t the answer you were looking for.

Is the site live? I think when you are designing you get that last little bit in the url to designate where you are in the designer panel. I wonder, not sure, if once you go live it works as normal.

Thanks for the reply. It’s starting to sound like it can’t be done. I basically want a “hidden” page (index) in the subfolder root.

My use case is creating archived sites year over year, where each year is sort of like a microsite{index - hidden}{index - hidden}{index - hidden}

each year subfolder (i.e. /2019/) will have a whole set of supporting pages (contact, about, etc), so i’d like to keep all the pages in the subfolder for that year (this has some seo consequences as well with how we are handling redirects for the current years event and plan on archiving for previous years without breaking links). Therefore, having something like (where 2019 is a page, not a folder) won’t work over time.