Is there a way to get this text color effect with background video?


I wanna get a text color effect with background video
or put a video “inside” the text or something like that… idk

Example: (overlay text effect on a smoke animated video in photoshop)

Thanks for the help.

If you use custom code, yes!

I recommend you insert an embed component instead of putting it into the head of the document. Because using embed you can see the changes in Webflow Designer.

So, insert an embed and put this inside:
.your-text-class {
backdrop-filter: invert(100%);

Change the class (.your-text-class) to the class you are using and the TEXT-COLOR-YOU-WANT to the color you prefer.

That’s it.

But remember this property isn’t compatible with some browsers.
Check support here

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Thank you, Gilson!