Is there a way to get back to a specific place on a page I have linked away from?

Hi everyone, I am building a site with a section of components for automobiles like suspension, motor, etc. It takes me to the page for that component fine but as I so often due did not think this through completely. So I would like to have a “back” button that would take me to the section of the homepage where my components reside and then be able to select another component to view, and so on.

Any Help is greatly appreciated, if you need it here is my read only link, Thank You!!!

Here is the Temp URL:

You can do this a couple ways. I’d suggest from a UX standpoint to make a separate page just for components to make it easy to navigate for when you want to go back to that.

Additionally, you can add the components section to the bottom of each page as well for easy access.

But if you really want to go back to the homepage section just set up an anchor link by adding a Div ID to the section and then linking to

Thanks, you are the Bomb DFink, that is excellent!!!

Bummer, I tried it using the temp URL of but I got a 404 error code, I then removed the # sign in front of the section ID but that did not work, same 404 error code. I created a page but like the feel of being able to switch back and forth. If you have any suggestions or if the link was incorrect I would like to hear from you,

Thanks for your help,

In your case the ID for the anchor is:

Thanks for chiming in. My browser kept crashing last night.

Thank You DFink, really appreciate the help

Thanks, WebDev, always helpful, that tip made it work and my customer smile, made a difference today, thanks!!!