Is there a way to easily switch between 2 different buttons on a webflow page

Hi there,

As you can see from my website (Webflow - Bulletproof 2.0) ,

I currently have a ‘Join the waitlist’ button in the header, footer, body section of the page (as well as other pages on the website).

My question is: is there a way for me to be able to switch every placement of this ‘Join the waitlist’ button with a ‘Create an account’ button instead + have the ability to switch back and forth between these 2 versions? (1 version where the page/website includes the ‘Join the waitlist’ button and 1 version where the website includes the ‘Create an account’ button so I can easily switch back and forth between the 2 versions without manually having to update the placement/content of this button everywhere.)

Thanks in advance,

Have both buttons there and select display = none on the one you want to hide.

You can possibly do it by making your buttons part of a Component. Take a look at this video from Jorge Suarez.