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Is there a way to create support tickets for my site

Is there a way to create support tickets for my webflow sites. Im running a web design business and need to set up a ticketing system for free users instead of the boring contact form

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Do you have a current ticketing system you want to integrate with your site? Or do you want to use Webflow as a ticketing system?

You could potentially use the CMS and API to make a makeshift help desk, but might be more trouble than using something off the shelf.

I use Freshworks for all my sites and it takes a bit of time to set up but after the setup it’s great, I can even use my phone to solve tickets. Their ticketing program is Freshdesk it’s completely free here’s my affiliate link if you want to support me (please do) if you don’t want to support me here’s the regular link in anyway this is the best ticketing program i’ve found