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Is there a way to allow users post recipes on my Webflow blog?

I had a WordPress blog with a WP RecipeMaker plugin that allowed my users to post recipes on my blog.
Does anybody know if there’s a way to recreate this feature in Webflow?
I’m not talking about giving access to the editor, but a way for people to submit a recipe with a picture for approval, and if it’s approved by me, I can post it on the blog.
Thanks in advance for all your help :grinning:


Check Zapier. You can use forms to update content within your collections

yes, this is the great idea we can follow

Hi Shokoaviv,
I don’t think I’m going to use Zapier as I don’t want to pay 20$ a month.
But the tip about Google Forms is great!
It can be a solution for people to upload and I can copy from there.
Thank you
P.S. נחמד שהישראלים עוזרים אחד לשני :wink:

Hi Ilana

Depends how you gonna use Zapier, there is A free plan that might be enough for your project. BTW - We have an Israelis group on Facebook - Join Us :slight_smile: