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Is there a way to add another inter text setting on Product Templates?

I’m trying to add a subhead field that auto-populates, but can’t figure out how to add an additional simple text field.

I’ve tried adding a custom field,

but it doesn’t seem to add anything to the options on the right

I appreciate your help

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The first option under “Inner Text Settings” on the right is what you’re looking for, but this can also be shown when clicking on the little gear icon next to the Text Block class name on the canvas:


I believe that upon adding a new element to the canvas you should see the dialog box automatically, but you can always get it back by clicking the gear icon :+1:

I thought so too, but it doesn’t seem to show up.

I’m guessing your using MacOS? That dropdown actually scrolls further down (you can see the “Identifiers” heading appears to have a sliver of light grey showing below) however most MacOS users have scrollbars hidden within the system settings.

Mike thank you so much!!!

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