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Is there a way to add a Skype link?

Is there a way to add a Skype link in Webflow using the Skype URI of : skype:azzopardi85?call ?
I don’t get it to work by putting the adress in the External Website URL field of “Link Settings”…

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Go there and generate a button ;

From there include it to your site using the code widget.

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Thanks Vincent!
However, what if I want to use my own custom Skype-icon?

Down, above the contact form section, I’ve got three icons…one of them being Skype:

Your page need to have <a href="skype... > and Webflow adds http, or tel, or else.

So you’ll have to add the button code and manipulate the code to add your own image…

Because webflows adds “http:” to your skype url, or “tel:” if you add the link into the tel tab. And you can’t add an href manually because it’s reserved:

@cyberdave do we miss an obvious workaround for this? I guess Webflow could update the Telephone tab to add the possibility to use Skype links, and other custom URIs.

Just thought of something…

Start with what you already have, leave the link blank. Add a custom code element on top of it, give it the same size and a position:absolute (give your link element a relative one) so the custom code widget hovers exactly the link element. Then add the code <a href="skype…blablabla…> and you should be done. If the custom code widget is a child of the link element you’re going to keep your :hover animation.

By leaving the link blank…you mean to leave it blank under the Link Settings?

“By leaving the link blank…you mean to leave it blank under the Link Settings?”


…and the code goes in the head tag in the Custom Code?

I meant the Embed widget sorry. You place your code here: