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Is there a way of disabling custom code for different breakpoints?

Hey there,

just a general question regarding custom code: Is there a way to use custom code only for specific breakpoints?

For example: Currently when you update your code in the mobile view, it automatically updates for all breakpoints. Is there a way to add like media queries to custom javascript code for example? How would that look like?


Hi @jensvahle,

sure, you can add media queries in JavaScript like so:

// 🥑 on DOM loaded
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", event => {
  let width = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 700px)");

// 🥑 check if the width matches or not
function initCheck(width) {
  if (width.matches) { = "yellow";
  } else { = "pink";

quick codepen here.

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@anthonysalamin Thank you!