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Is there a tutorial on how to embed ECWID or Shopify store?

Which is easier to work with?

Hi @pameyer,

Here is a video of Workshop, where Nelson showed how to add “Shopify” to Webflow site

Here is official tutorial from Webflow Help Center

About Ecwid - not sure if Webflow has a tutorial, but if you will make search at this forum I think you can find the topics where users have been discussing it.


Hi @pameyer,

Being an AJAX application, the whole Ecwid store could be added to a page of Webflow website just like any widget, using the following guide from Webflow KB:

So it’s only a matter of getting widget code and pasting it inside such embed element.
To begin with, we’ll need to add “Product browser” widget - the main one, that adds the actual store to a page.

Here’s an article from our KB describing it, that should help here:

Hope this helps!


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