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Is there a simple jquery script to push all collection items?


I’ve seen a lot of similar question, but none worked for me.
I’m trying to avoid diving into the Webflow API because I’m not a native programmer :slight_smile:
I do understand jquery to some extend.

CMS collection publishes all it’s items on page load BUT only on the active/visible CMS collection.
I’m using a slider and every slide has the same CMS collection but a different filter.
When i slide to the next slide, I only see the first item, but it should show a lot more.

I’m hoping to do a simple webflow.push(); after the slider has stopped transitioning to the next slide.
I’m already using the sliders ‘transitionEnd’ callback for animations, stopping and playing a video etc.
I’m hoping to execute a function which will fetch/push the rest of the collection items.
I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Something like:

swiperSlider.on(“transitionEnd”, function() {
Webflow.push(function() {
// please update/fetch/push my cms collection

Any help is appreciated!!

Your question does not make any sense, and Webflow.push function is to only run code within the containing function after Webflow has initialised.

Do you mean to create a CMS slider with each slide containing the next item in the collection?

Hi Sam, i just found out that it was not a webflow problem after all. The slider i was using was not wrapping all the items the cms was creating on the slides that were not visible. I fixed it by disabling lazy load so this topic can be closed. Thanks!